I’m about to launch into a whole speech about my new backpack because it’s so damn hard to find the perfect backpack but here we are, finally.

I’ve used my Outdoor purple backpack for about 8 years and my Herschel Settlement Yellow Aztec backpack for 5 years but unfortunately, it finally gave way when in the midst of buying bubble tea with Sharon, IT JUST WOULDN’T ZIP ANYMORE.

Between those years, I’ve bought an Adidas Grey Tote bag & a North Face Orange backpack. But a tote isn’t the most comfortable and the North Face backpack has straps that kinda dig into my shoulders and is designed in a way where it can only hold flat items (no cylindrical water bottles, no jackets, etc.). And both of them can’t hold my 15.6-inch laptop.

When my Herschel Settlement Yellow Aztec backpack finally gave way, it took me forever to find a new backpack. Then it was down to the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack & Jansport Right Pack. Both had great compartments there were differences.

Is Herschel the most durable bag? No.Β Unlike Herschel, Jansport and Outdoor use this superpower fabric called Cordura that is so incredibly resilient. Even though it’s no longer stiff enough to have any structure, my Outdoor purple bag is still perfectly fine.

So, why another Herschel? Despite the price and lessened durability, their style is still the best. I was willing to forgo a little mileage for style.

Plus it was available in this really unique and gorgeous ash rose!


photogrid_15630861808827774463355762783862.jpgNEW: Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack in Ash Rose & OLD: Herschel Settlement Backpack in Yellow Aztec

20190712150719_img_00326427835530646953255.jpgOLD: Herschel Settlement Backpack in Yellow Aztec

The settlement backpack is relatively simple which has its pros but I’ve always preferred bags with compartments. Well, goodbye old friend, you served me well.

Now, onto my new bag.

photogrid_15630847519774960759255250907384.jpgFront Pockets

Unlike the settlement, it has 2 front pockets. The first one has a waterproof zip that is rough to open and the second one has the external flap which helps in keeping water from seeping into the bag but it does kinda make it a pain to open sometimes.Β photogrid_15630844947612453168950469645740.jpgSunglass Pouch

I thought this was so adorable, and it was fleece lined, protecting the sunglass from scratches. Same thing, an external flap to prevent water seepage, annoying to open. I haven’t thought of what I should put in it yet.

photogrid_15630843031046747249409602481272.jpgBack Compartment

It has a small pouch on its side and a fleece-lined padded laptop sleeve fit for a 15-inch laptop on the inside. Again, it has an external flap to prevent water seepage, plus it has 2 zippers, both traits the settlement backpack does not have.

The sleeve actually does not connect to the base of the bag so that your laptop will not hit the ground every time you put it on the floor. But its also because of this factor, my laptop is REALLY SNUG on the inside.

20190712152529_img_00526225294670246830009.jpgMY NEW BAG!!!!!!!!!

It’s so freaking pretty it just makes me want to travel everywhere and anywhere with it. My main gripe with it is the rough zipping, which I guess I’ll see it as anti-theft and my 15.6-inch laptop being too snug inside. But other than that, I’m so happy I had to write a whole post!


Maybe one day, Jansport English Mustard Yellow Right Pack Backpack.Β 

12 thoughts on “Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack (Ash Rose)

      1. Great post! I’m just going to buy a Settlement bag and was wondering whether it would fit my 15.6 laptop or not. So after reading this post, i think it would fit, wouldn’t it?


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